Why Do Some COVID Patients Need Oxygen Therapy?

We all know that the human body requires oxygen to survive and carry out various functions on a day-to-day basis. The respiratory system is crucial because it works along with the circulatory system to provide oxygen to the body. However, due to COVID infection, patients face difficulty breathing and require medical oxygen to restore the oxygen saturation of the body.

Before understanding why some COVID patients require oxygen therapy, it is crucial to understand what medical oxygen is. In simple terms, medical oxygen is a highly pure form of oxygen used to improve the oxygen level in patients suffering from critical conditions. Medical oxygen is provided through a vacuum-insulated evaporator, oxygen cylinder, or oxygen concentrator.

Why do COVID Patients Require Oxygen Therapy?

COVID Infection binds with the ACE-2 receptors present in the lungs. COVID virus infects the cells that line the respiratory tract and protect the airway tract from infections. Once these cells get infected, a series of changes occur in the body that results in different situations:

  • The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the alveoli gets disrupted.
  • This infection also triggers the body’s immune system, releasing immune cells to fight the infection. When this immune system continues for a long time, it causes inflammation and further impedes oxygen transfer in the lungs.
  • Due to persistent infection, people with severe COVID may also develop lung swelling, resulting in breathing difficulties.
  • Severe damage to the alveoli results in ARDS, which is characterized by severe breathlessness or rapid breathing.

All these factors mentioned above and many others can make it difficult for patients suffering from COVID infection to breathe normally and require oxygen therapy.

Do All COVID Patients Require Oxygen?

Not all covid patients show signs of oxygen distress. Various studies have reported different cases in which patients might require oxygen therapy. Therefore, it becomes crucial that you get covid testing in Wayne from professionals who can provide you with the best treatment. If you are looking for Paxlovid in Livonia, then make sure to visit Garden City Urgent Cares medical facility.

How To Identify If COVID Patients Require Oxygen Therapy?
Some tests and equipment can help determine the need for oxygen supplementation. Pulse oximetry is a test that helps determine the amount of oxygen in the blood with a pulse oximeter device. Moreover, blood pH and arterial blood gas saturation can help determine whether the patient requires oxygen therapy.

Key Takeaways:
People suffering from COVID infections have reported respiratory issues. ThereIt is recommended that if you witness any COVID symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. With quick and accurate covid testing in Wayne by professionals like Garden City Urgent Cares, you can have complete peace of mind.