Fast And Quality Urgent Care In Wayne, MI

When it comes to your health, you deserve fast and quality care without any prior appointments or excessive wait times.

Quick and Convenient Medical Care for Every Situation

At Garden City Urgent Cares, we specialize in providing urgent care in Wayne, MI, that caters to a wide range of medical needs. From non-life-threatening emergencies to routine physicals, our experienced team of practitioners is here to deliver the highest level of medical care.

Prompt and Efficient Medical Assistance

As professionals, we understand that medical emergencies can happen unexpectedly and that you need immediate attention. Our board-certified doctors are equipped to handle a variety of urgent care needs, ensuring that you receive prompt and efficient medical assistance. Whether you’re experiencing minor injuries or common illnesses or require routine vaccinations, we have the expertise to provide the care you need.

Quality Care at Competitive Prices

Affordability shouldn’t mean compromising on quality healthcare. At Gardencity Urgent Care, we believe in providing accessible medical services at the most competitive prices. Our commitment to delivering exceptional care ensures that you receive top-notch medical attention without breaking the bank. Further, we accept most insurance plans and offer transparent pricing for self-pay patients, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re receiving high-quality care at an affordable cost.

Our urgent care services include:

Treatment of Minor Injuries and Illnesses: Whether it’s a sprained ankle, a minor burn, or a common cold, our skilled medical professionals are trained to provide effective treatment for a wide range of minor injuries and illnesses.
Diagnostic Services: We offer on-site diagnostic services, including X-rays and laboratory testing, to help identify and diagnose your medical condition quickly and accurately.
Routine Physicals and Vaccinations: Stay on top of your preventive healthcare by scheduling routine physicals and vaccinations at our clinic. Our team will ensure that you receive the necessary screenings and immunizations to keep you in optimal health.
Occupational Health Services: We also cater to the needs of local businesses by providing occupational health services, including pre-employment screenings, drug testing, and workers’ compensation evaluations.
Visit Garden City Urgent Cares for fast, reliable, and quality urgent care services in Wayne, MI. Our dedicated team is ready to address your medical concerns with speed, precision, and compassion.

New Patients Specials

$80 Uninsured Patient Office Visit

Sports & School Physicals:

$25 - Under 18yrs. ($30 reg)

$60 - Over 18 yrs. ($80 reg)

FREE Blood Pressure Check
Flu shot: $20

Our medical professionals speak English, Arabic and Spanish.