How To Improve Lung Health Post COVID-19

It is common to experience respiratory distress after recovering from COVID-19. One of the main focus points during overall post-COVID-19 recovery is restoring lung function. There are many benefits of focusing on lung health. COVID-19 can have long-term effects on lung function. Therefore Rapid COVID testing in Michigan City becomes important to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. A crucial part of the recovery process is to regain proper lung function and capacity. Improving our lung function also clears the lungs of sputum, thus making it easier to breathe.

Below are mentioned few recommendations to improve your lung function and reduce the chances of serious respiratory consequences:


One of the best ways to boost lung function is to exercise the lung muscles and build their capacity and function. Exercises to improve lung function work the same way as any physical exercise; it focuses on strengthening and expanding lung capacity.

Begin exercises in phases slowly build up the capacity of the body and the lungs. Such exercises can improve the muscle function that expands our lungs. Pulmonary rehabilitation can help in reducing shortness of breath and manage respiratory complications.

Positions That Improve Breathlessness:

  1. Leaning forward position.
  2. Prone Position.
  3. Breathing using belly.

Exercises For Better Lung Functions:

  1. Training to adjust breathing rhythm.
  2. Techniques to strengthen the breathing muscles.
  3. Expectoration training to remove mucus from the airways.
  4. Cardio workouts.
  5. Physical as well as breathing exercises and pacing yourself are crucial.

Eating Healthy Food

Include foods in your diet that are rich in antioxidants and improve our overall immune system and, consequently, our lung function. Healthy food can provide essential nutrients and make the lungs healthier.

Fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, grains, juices, home-cooked meals, and foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals must be included.

Sugar, fats, oils, processed meats, processed foods, salt, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, and fast foods are something that should be avoided.

Note: Along with crucial diet changes, it is crucial to increase water intake during COVID-19 recovery, as it plays a crucial role in boosting our body’s overall function.

These key lifestyle changes can boost your lung function and help you recover from COVID-19 with ease.

Final Words:

The lungs are only one of the many focus areas for post-COVID recuperation. To guide and support your recovery every step of the way, Urgent care in Livonia, Michiganlike Garden City Urgent Cares, offers fast and quality medical care without any prior appointment. With board-certified doctors well-versed in the latest medical practices and equipment on-site, you get personalized care at the most competitive price.