All You Need To Know About The New COVID-19 Variant – Omicron BF.7

The alarming situation in China and the rise of the new COVID-19 variant have raised a lot of questions and concerns. A new variant, Omicron BF.7, is becoming a cause of concern for many. Cases of BF.7 infection have also been found in many nations, and it is being questioned what the new variant is, its symptoms, and whether it would start a new wave.

What Is Omicron BF.7?

In layman’s terms, Omicron BF.7 is a form of BA. and is a sub-lineage of the Omicron variant BA.5. The incubation period is shorter, and the probability of reinfection is high. It is contagious but doesn’t indicate the severity or chances of death. It simply indicates that Omicron BF.7 spreads faster than the old variant and is known as Omicron Spawn. This variant has resulted in a spike in the number of cases in China and has become a concern for many.

How It Is Different From Other COVID-19 Variants

There are two sub-variants of Omicron BA.1 and BA.2

  1. BF.7 variant transmits faster than other COVID-19 variants. With an R0 value of 10-18, an infected person can transmit the virus to about 10-18 other people. R0 value, or reproduction number, indicates the contagiousness of infection.
  2. Even among vaccinated people, there are high chances of infection due to the 4.4-fold higher neutralization resistance of the virus, which means the virus remains alive despite the antibodies in the blood.
  3. Shorter incubation period with a high reinfection rate.


What Are The Most Common Symptoms OF BF.7 Variant?

The symptoms of BF.7 infection are largely upper respiratory infections and quite different, such as runny nose, cough, fever, and sore throat. These symptoms are similar to those of the other omicron sub-variants. In people with weakened immune systems, the infection could be more severe. If you face any of these symptoms, make sure to visit us at Garden City Urgent Cares for Paxlovid in Garden City.

Omicron BF.7 Variant More Severe?

Though the COVID-19 variant BF.7 can skip the antibody-mediated neutralization and is highly contagious compared to other variants.

What Makes Omicron BF.7 A Highly Contagious Virus?

The Omicron BF.7 has an R346T mutation in the spike protein that also exists in parent BA.5. It tends to skip neutralization by antibody, and therefore, the chances of reinfection are present. Moreover, many patients remain asymptomatic and become the source of the spread of infection.

Who Is At Higher Risk?

Unvaccinated people top the list. Further below are mentioned some more categories of people who are at higher risk:

  1. Children
  2. Elderly citizens
  3. Pregnant Women
  4. Diabetics
  5. People with weak immunity
  6. People with kidney or heart diseases

Omicron BF.7 Precautions And Safety Measures

The most fundamental measures to stop a possible spread are washing your hands, using face masks, and keeping social distance.

Moreover, if you face any of the symptoms like cough, cold, fever, sore throat, nausea, and vomiting for a long time, make sure to get yourself tested by visiting Garden City Urgent Cares walk-in clinic without any prior appointment. We can provide you with Paxlovid in Livoniaan effective medication for treating COVID.

Concluding Thoughts:

Considering the situation, it is always recommended that you follow all COVID-19 protocols. Remember to practice all the precautions and safety measures to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. For COVID testing and treatment, you can visit us at Garden City Urgent Cares without any prior appointment.